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Welcome to Hugopacific.We are a strong and reliable partner in the branded product.

What we Offer

  • Hugo pacific world ltd is world No.1 Trading Company for retailers, Wholesalers, Exporters and Importers. Hugo means the absolute fulfilment wish. Here you will find a wide range of finest quality products. We offer over services all over the globe for example, in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

  • We deals in Branded Watches, Sunglasses, Electronic products, Perfumes, Handbags, luxury Pen, Handbags, Digital Cameras, Computers and computer accessories, Memory cards, Branded Mobile Phones and their accessories etc all the products provided by us are from the branded companies. Some of our product brands are Gucci, Philips, Samsung, Casio, Seiko, Adidas DKNY, JVC Swatch, Fossil, Tissot etc for more details of the brands you can see the our products section.

  • We believe a good supplier is one who delivers what he has committed to the customer and should meet all customer expectations, with respect to delivery time, quality of goods, dependability and price. We have a huge Number of customers who deals with us and have a name around the globe. Because of our product quality and price.

  • Firms who want to buy new products or want to sell their product in market then we are the best company whom you should contact. For us every customer is equal. We provide same kind of services to all over clients so if you are a small company do not hesitate feel free to contact us. If you want more information contact us through Telephone: 00852-23661120, E-mail: info@hugopacific.com


Our Latest Products

Check our latest products. Sure you'll find something interesting.